Design Layout Options for Your Commercial Kitchen

The design layout of your commercial kitchen is of vital importance because it determines key aspects such as the efficiency of the working environment, the energy efficiency, the size of the kitchen, the ventilation and the ease of maintenance. The design of your commercial kitchen also determines where key kitchen installations such as water supply as well as drainage, gas supply, electrical wiring, and food preparation equipment should be. For this reason, whether you are redesigning your commercial kitchen or building a new one, you have to be extremely keen on your choice of layout. Read More 

Update Your Vehicle’s Rims with Powder Coating

You may have heard of powder coating and assumed that this treatment is exclusively used in industrial processes. And although many industries do utilise powder coating in the manufacturing processes of a myriad of items, it does not mean that you cannot employ it for personal uses too. Powder coating in itself entails the adhesion of electrically charged particles onto a surface to create a functional and appealing finish. If you typically paint the rims of your vehicle, read on for why you should switch to powder coating them. Read More 

Projects to Do With Recyclable Bottles

If you have old recyclable bottles around your home, you don't have to recycle them just yet. Instead, consider giving them new life by turning them into fun home decor. Here are some ideas to explore. Beach Bottles Your recyclable bottles can work beautifully as beach bottles in your bathroom. Simply, paint the outside of the bottle with a crystal blue paint, and consider sponging on some silver or other metallic tones for texture. Read More 

Understanding the Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The process of sheet metal fabrication aims at producing extremely thin sheets of aluminium or other types of metal. Sheet metal can be designed to form many shapes that suit various uses. The process is effective as it produces durable and end-use metals portions that can be fabricated based on your specifications to suit your specific needs. Two major steps are involved; flat rolling and deep drawing. Other processes that take place during metal sheet fabrication include bending, sheering, shrinking, beading and notching. Read More 

4 Considerations When Choosing Between Water Jet And Laser Cutters For Metal

Metal can be cut in a variety of ways with different actions and finishes involved. If you've decided to cut metal and cannot choose between water jet cutters and laser cutters, this guide is designed to help you make an informed decision between them based on your specific needs.  What Is Your Heat Consumption Requirement? A laser cutting machine directs a hot laser onto the metal sheet to melt and burn it into shape. Read More