Two tips for those who plan to hire air compressors to power their manufacturing facility’s pneumatic tools

If you plan to rent an air compressor from your local compressor hire company, with the view to using this equipment to power your manufacturing facility's pneumatic tools, you may find the two tips below to be helpful.

Opt for a portable compressor if you need to use it for multiple pieces of equipment

If you plan to use the rented air compressor to power more than one pneumatic tool in your facility, it is best to order a portable compressor from the rental company. There are two reasons why a portable compressor is the best option in this situation.

Firstly, air compressors can be quite cumbersome, and as such, if you choose one which is not designed to be moved around, your employees will have to ensure the physically demanding process of transporting the compressor from one area of the facility to another every time this equipment needs to be used for a different pneumatic tool. Lifting and transporting this heavy object could potentially put your staff members at risk of back injuries.

Secondly, if a heavy, non-mobile air compressor is being carried around a facility multiple times per week, there is a very good chance that it will be accidentally dropped and damaged at some point.

If this happens, you would not only have to spend time arranging for the rental company to send you a replacement compressor but may also incur an extra fee to cover the cost of repairing the broken equipment.

As such, it is best to opt for a portable compressor in this type of situation, as this will have wheels attached to it, which will make it extremely easy for your employees to transport it without hurting themselves or damaging the equipment.

Implement safety measures from the outset

Before the compressor hire company delivers your equipment, it is vital to implement safety measures that will help to keep all of your staff members who will be operating or working close to the compressor safe from harm.

For example, you should ask the rental company for information regarding how frequently the compressor will need to be serviced and what kind of daily or weekly maintenance work will need to be carried out on the equipment to keep it in excellent condition.

Following the advice that the company gives you in regards to servicing and maintenance will minimise the chances of the compressor malfunctioning and injuring someone.

Additionally, you should order any safety gear that your employees will need to wear whilst operating or transporting the compressor (such as protective eyewear, for instance) before the compressor is delivered.