Projects to Do With Recyclable Bottles

If you have old recyclable bottles around your home, you don't have to recycle them just yet. Instead, consider giving them new life by turning them into fun home decor. Here are some ideas to explore.

Beach Bottles

Your recyclable bottles can work beautifully as beach bottles in your bathroom. Simply, paint the outside of the bottle with a crystal blue paint, and consider sponging on some silver or other metallic tones for texture. Then, glue on small sea shells, fake pearls and embellishments that look like bubbles. Anything that lends to the feel of an under-the-sea theme is perfect.

If you like, you can even put a note sticking half out of the bottle to create the appearance that the bottle has been adrift at sea carrying messages. To make the note look old, use unlined yellowed paper and burn the edges a bit.

Natural Bottles

If you like natural textures and fibers, this natural bottle can make a nice ornament for a shelf or the top of a chest of drawers. All you need is some beans, twine, glue and a recyclable bottle.

Glue the beans around the bottle in thick bands. Orient the beans in different directions if you like. For example, do the top and bottom row of each band with horizontal beans and the middle rows of each band with vertical bands. Then, slather on some more glue and wrap twine around the rest of the recyclable bottle.

Decoupage Bottles

These bottles can work on their own as decorations or as candle holders. All you need to do is find some art that you like. You can cut photos out of magazines or draw your own art. Then, buy some decoupage glue. You can buy that at most craft stores.

Arrange the art so that it looks nice on the bottle, and paint over each piece of paper with the decoupage glue. This glue goes on top of the paper, and it essentially soaks through and holds it in place. It doesn't go between the paper and the bottle like traditional glue.

Candle Topper Bottles

For this design, you need a glass cutter. Cut off the bottom of the recyclable bottle. Then, polish the bottom edge so that it is flat but not sharp. Remove any labels from the bottle and paint if desired. Finally, place a small candle down and put the bottle on top of it. The light will shine through the paint.