A Guide To Buying Wooden Pallets

Businesses in the logistics industry are heavily reliant on pallets to transport and store their products safely. However, most companies do not give much thought to the pallet buying process. Unknown to them, buying the right pallet goes a long way in ensuring your products arrive safe and that you meet the various palletised transport legal requirements. So, what should your business consider when buying pallets? Continue reading for some insights. 

Pallet Size

Start by deciding on a preferable pallet size. For instance, if you need the pallets to transport your cargo in standard containers, you should ensure that the pallets can easily fit into the containers or reefers. Some jurisdictions have a standard pallet size to allow truckers to transport palletised loads from different customers with ease. Therefore, you should inquire about this requirement if you intend to ship palletised loads to other states or countries. In some cases, you will need a custom pallet. For instance, suppose you will be transporting an oversized or irregularly shaped load; you need a pallet designed to secure the load safely. 

Besides the pallet size, you also need to consider its design. The design of a 2-way pallet is such that the forklift can only lift the pallet from two sides. Conversely, a 4-way pallet can be picked from all sides. 

New Versus Used Pallets 

New pallets are a perfect choice for businesses that need the pallets for long time use. The rule is to examine the build quality of the pallet to ensure it is durable. For instance, is the pallet made from hard or soft wood? Hardwood pallets last longer and can handle heavier loads without breaking or warping. 

When buying used pallets, your primary concern would be the pallet grade. Grade A pallets are usually refurbished to a near-new condition. As such, the refurbishing company replaces broken and rotten wood planks and treats and repaints the pallet before selling it. These pallets could also be new pallets that have been used for a few trips. Grade B pallets are used pallets in acceptable condition. Ideally, they could need some repairs since some boards could be loose or broken. 

Pallet Treatment  

Wooden pallets are susceptible to humidity and pest damage. Therefore, you must ensure that the pallet purchased is treated to ensure resistance to these damages. Pallets can be heat-treated, Methyl Bromide treated, or kiln-dried. Heat treatment is preferable since it is environmentally friendly and highly effective. Although kiln-drying is also environmentally friendly, the wood might need some heat treatment to meet international standards. When using Methyl Bromide treated pallets, ensure they are legal in the jurisdictions you plan to transport your items.  

For more information, contact a local company that sells pallets