Are you installing a machine that relies on high-pressure piping?

If you are having pipework carried out on your industrial site, you must use the right piping for the job that you want it to perform. In some cases, standard PVC piping could be what it needed, but there will be other times that something more specialist is required. The choice of piping can be affected by several factors including the temperature of the fluid being piped, the pressure at which the fluid will pass through the pipe, and whether the fluid is corrosive. Environmental factors can also impact the decision. If you want to shield the fluid from external temperatures, you may need to consider an insulated pipe.

Do you need a high-pressure pipe?

Often, fitting a high-pressure pipe will be the right choice for your industrial installation. If you are installing a heating system, an ammonia refrigeration system, or installing a machine that relies on high-pressure steam to operate, a high-pressure pipe or a bioprocess piping system is what you likely need. The definition of exactly what constitutes a high-pressure pipe can vary, so examine your required specifications carefully and compare them against any piping you are offered by a supplier. A PVC high-pressure pipe could be acceptable for some applications. At other times only a welded high-pressure pipe is going to be acceptable.

Installing a high-pressure pipe

When you need to install a high-pressure pipe, you can't just call in your local plumber. Fitting high-pressure piping relies on a specific skill set that not everyone will possess. Not only must you have the right piping materials, but any work carried out on the pipe must conform to the relevant Australian Standards. Depending on the type of high-pressure pipe you are connecting, you may also need a licence to carry out the work, so check what you need to be legally compliant before any contractor starts work on your project.

Working with high-pressure piping systems

Remember that a high-pressure piping system can be defined in different ways, so not everything sold as 'high-pressure pipe' will be right for your situation. If you aren't sure what piping materials you need to buy, or who you should ask to complete the installation work, it's best to take professional advice. Explain to the contractor what is needed, and they can help you make the right choices. If they cannot undertake the work themselves, they probably know a reliable contractor who can assist you.