Five Signs Fabric Is the Right Choice for Your Next Mining Structure

If you need a new mining structure, your two main options are metal-clad and fabric structures. Wondering if fabric is right for you? Whether you need a storage space, a garage for mining equipment or any other type of structure, here are some signs fabric is the right choice for you:

1. You are trying to save money.

In most cases, fabric mining structures are less expensive than metal mining structures. While metal structures feature solid metal walls and ceilings, fabric structures only have a metal frame. That gives you the stability you need, while also helping you to save money.

2. You are okay with a shorter lifespan.

In exchange for the savings usually experienced with fabric mining structures, you trade years from the structures lifespan. Depending on how they are built and which type of metal is used, metal structures and roofs can last hundreds of years, and while that's not the norm, a metal building can often last decades. In contrast, fabric mining structures don't last nearly that long. However, if you only plan to be at your mining site for a relatively limited number of years, fabric may be perfect for your needs.

3. You want light in your building.

Fabric mining structures can be designed so that the light streams through the fabric into the building. If you don't want to hook up electrical lighting and don't want to budget for windows or skylights, fabric is ideal. Even if you add lights to use in the evening, fabric can help save money on your energy bill by providing you light during the day.

4. You want a recyclable product.

If you are trying to bring environmentally friendly practices to your mining company, you may want to opt for temporary structures made with recyclable materials. In most cases, fabric structures are recyclable. Talk with a mining specialist to find out if the fabric their company uses has been recycled and if you can recycle it when you are done with it.

5. You want an energy efficient building.

Fabric mining structures are not tents. Rather, they are specially designed buildings featuring aluminium frames covered in a membrane, covered in fabric. Together, the membrane works with the fabric to boost the energy efficiency of the structure. These natural insulating properties help keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

To learn more about whether or not a fabric mining structure is right for your operation, contact a mining structure specialist