Why Participation Trophies Are Important

You may be wondering whether you should support the award of trophies to your kids who participate in activities such as athletics. This article discusses why those trophies are important in the development of your child.

Kids Learn About Commitment

Many people express interest in different things (such as becoming wealthy or losing weight) but they never follow through on what they need to do in order to attain that desire/goal. Participation trophies given to kids show those kids that it is important to follow through on a commitment because you will be recognised after your participation. This can instill in the kids a habit of being committed to every undertaking that concerns them. For instance, the kids may feel more inclined to attend all training sessions with their team if they are given trophies at the end of the season.

Trophies Build Togetherness

Imagine what is likely to go on within a kid's mind if only one or two people from his or her team are singled out for recognition at the end of the season. That child who isn't recognised will feel that his or her effort was looked at as worthless. That child will feel very sad. He or she may not be enthusiastic about taking part in future team events since he or she will feel that his or her effort isn't valued. A participation trophy shows the kids that their efforts were appreciated. This can encourage them to do better in the other events that they participate in.

They Show That Life Isn't All About Winning

Trophies given to outstanding kids alone may send a message to the other kids that they are worthless, since only the top performers get to stand on the podium. Such a message may foster the desire to do everything it takes to win, including engaging in conduct considered as poor sportsmanship (such as hurting a competitor in order to win). The participation trophy shows the kid that everyone is a winner, in different ways or at different levels.

There are two sides to every story. Participation trophies may have their demerits but those shortcomings can be managed (by restricting participation trophies to young/beginner athletic kids, for example). This will allow the kids to be groomed to love the different sports events in which they participate. That love can result in a lifelong commitment to excellence in that sport. Wouldn't you want your kid to progress to that peak level of performance?

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