5 Types of Automatic Gates Ideal for Proccessing & Manufacturing Plants

Processing and manufacturing plants are very security conscious because they handle material that is either hazardous or that is proprietary in nature and as such outsiders shouldn't access it.

There are numerous varied types of automatic gates that can deter people, but not all are suitable for processing and manufacturing plants. Some of the types that can work well on such facilities are explained below.

Vertical lift gate

This type of gate comprises a gate that moves perpendicular to the ground. This up and down motion is perfectly suited for industrial purposes because of the tower supports that are mounted on either side of the entrance to lift the gate. These towers may be an eyesore in a residential setting and are therefore relegated to the industrial parks where their obtrusive nature melts into the rugged background of turrets and smokestacks.

Vertical pivot lift gate

The vertical pivot lift gate is quite similar to the vertical lift gate. It is more suited for processing and manufacturing plants because it does not have a height restriction like the vertical lift gate has due to the straight-up motion of its gate. In this type of automatic gate, the gate is lifted as it rotates in and out of the entrance. This means that the entrance is entirely free and therefore large trucks can pass without a height impediment.

Slide gate

This is very common due to the simplicity that involves it being installed. The gate rolls into the entrance via tracks that are on the ground. They however pose problems when these tracks are blocked like in the winter when snow accumulates. This prevents the grooves in the gate from gripping the track and thus might fail to roll in or out of place. A small industrial operation can use this since it does not cost a lot to install.

Cantilever gate

This is similar to the slide gate, but instead of rolling on tracks on the ground, this automated gate hangs from rollers on the inside of the fence. It hovers over the entrance and as such is longer than the slide gate so that there is a sizeable portion of it still held by the fence structure so as to support it.

Barrier arm gate

The barrier arm gate is common where cars moving have to be regulated. In the processing and manufacturing plants where deliveries are frequently made, barrier arm gates come in handy where the deliverer has to sign in to access the facility and sign out as well. It consists of a bar hinged at one end and is lowered in place to block the way till identity has been ascertained and permission to enter granted.

Processing and manufacturing plants need to take into account the funds available for the automatic gate as well as what kind of traffic; human or otherwise, is to access the place where the gate is installed. Power supply also comes into play since the gates are electronic.