Features to Consider for New Goal Posts for Your School

Goal posts are a vital part of any football field, for both play and for practice. If you're in charge of supplying the sports equipment for your school, you want to consider carefully how you'll spend your budget when it comes to new goal posts. This is especially important if your school hosts more than one type of game on its field, as you want all your equipment to be as versatile as possible, and that includes the goal posts. Note a few features to consider for new goals posts for your school so you can choose the best option.

1. Combination football and soccer

If your school hosts both soccer and American football games, you may want to invest in a combination goal post. This is one with a soccer net at the bottom and then uprights or parallel bars at the top. This can allow you to place just one type of goal post on the field without having to switch them out when the game switches. The net part of the goal posts can even be used for practicing American football; kickers will often kick footballs only a short distance into a nearby net in order to warm-up. This keeps you from having to buy a separate net for warm-ups before the game.

2. Expandable

It's good to invest in an expandable set of goal posts if your school has different age groups, and even for practicing precision kicking. Younger groups will usually play with a more narrow net, whereas the net area is expanded for older groups. Having a set of goal posts that contract and expand can also help with increasing accuracy for both soccer and American football; you can contract the net or the uprights during practice so kickers can learn better aim.

3. Ease of use

Don't overlook features that will make the goal posts easier to use overall. This can include net clips that allow you to take down the soccer net quickly and easily, and casters that attach and detach easily. This will allow you to move the posts quickly as well; if you use the posts for practice, you may want to move them to different areas of the field, and casters can make that faster and easier. You can also then quickly remove the goal posts when the field is being used for something other than soccer or football, such as baseball or track and field events. An off-field storage pack, bag, or box can also help protect your goals posts when they're not in use.

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